Integrated Single-Use Sterile and SIP Connector Provide Flexibility

Integrated Single-Use Sterile and SIP Connector Provide Flexibility
May 01, 2014
Volume 27, Issue 5

The Steam-in-Place (SIP) connector product offering from Colder Products Company includes genderless capabilities for use on hybrid systems. The combined genderless AseptiQuik G sterile connector and Steam-Thru II SIP connector gives biopharmaceutical manufacturers flexibility in process design and plant configuration and can simplify systems integration, the company reports. A new combination connector allows users to steam in place the AseptiQuik G connector directly to stainless processing equipment. The genderless portion of the connector supports modular closed-system design and allows the same bag system and tubing manifold SKUs to be used on both hybrid and complete single-use systems. The AseptiQuik G STC Connectors can be mounted directly to a stainless steel vessel via either a 3/4- or 1-1/2-inch sanitary termination on the Steam-Thru portion of the connector. AseptiQuik G STC Connectors are offered in both a standard version for gamma sterilization and a high temperature version for gamma orautoclave sterilization.

Colder Products

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