IFPAC Conference Program Highlights Advanced Manufacturing Science in Biopharma

Jan 04, 2018
By BioPharm International Editors

The IFPAC annual meeting on advancing the understanding and control of manufacturing processes using process analytical technology (PAT) will be held Feb. 11–14, 2018 in North Bethesda, MD. For more than 30 years, IFPAC has been a platform for sharing innovative ideas and information to help companies improve the way they manufacture quality products while maintaining global competitiveness, note the conference organizers. This year’s lineup of sessions, roundtables, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions, and an exhibition will have an increased emphasis on advanced manufacturing science in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical arenas.

Presenters include FDA and global leaders from industry and academia, and this year there is an increased focus on process control and real-time analytics in biopharmaceutical manufacturing with topics such as:

  • A novel, real-time adaptive process control system for optimized feeding of bioreactors
  • Integration of process analytical technologies in upstream bioprocessing
  • Enabling bioprocessing scale-up by means of in-line spectroscopy
  • Bioprocess Raman monitoring: overcoming the model-building rate-limiting step
  • Towards automated transfer of fed-batch culture processes between scales
  • Comparability and similarity for biotechnology products: a new approach
  • Smart sensors for bioprocessing.

Other sessions will look at quality by design and real-time release, PAT for continuous manufacturing, quality risk management, knowledge and control of materials during continuous manufacturing of solid doses, advanced separation systems, process Raman technology, emerging technologies for product design and delivery, chemometrics, the industrial Internet of Things, excipients, particle characterization, and more.

Source: IFPAC

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