Flying Warehouse for Temperature-Sensitive Air Cargo

Sep 29, 2017
By BioPharm International Editors

On Sep. 27, 2017, DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, a Germany-based provider of climate-controlled air cargo containers, announced that its Opticooler air cargo containers are now available in the United States. The company’s Opticoolers RAP (4 CP1-pallets) and RKN (1 CP1-pallet) models are available for immediate use in the United States, with delivery-area locations from Boston, MA to Minneapolis, MN and Washington D.C. to St. Louis, MO, as well as from Los Angeles to Sacramento, CA, Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ.

The containers are equipped with battery-powered cooling compressors and heaters, in addition to self-regulating temperature control suited for the fluctuations of extreme ambient temperatures. Additionally, the company runs a free delivery area in Europe. Apart from the free delivery zones, the units can be globally purchased directly from a growing number of airlines.

Source: DoKaSch

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