FDA Recommends Development of Guidelines for Nanotechnology

Aug 21, 2007
By BioPharm International Editors

The US Food and Drug Administration’s Nanotechnology Task Force (www.fda.gov/nanotechnology/nano_tf.html) has released a report recommending the agency develop guidelines and take other steps to address the benefits and risks of products, including drugs and medical technology, that use nanotechnology. In the report, the Nanotechnology Task Force, which was created in 2006 by FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach, MD, addresses nanotechnology-associated regulatory and scientific issues, and recommends the FDA create guidance for manufacturers and researchers.

The Task Force reports that nanoscale materials could potentially be used in most product types regulated by the FDA. Nanotechnology presents a particular challenge, however, in that properties relevant to product safety and effectiveness may change as size varies within the nanoscale. The report also states that the uncertain nature and potentially rapid development of nanotechnology highlight the need for creating clear and predictable regulation in this area.

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