From the Editor in Chief: New Beginnings

Nov 01, 2005
Volume 18, Issue 11

Carol Fisher
BioPharm International is about to embark on another new beginning. You'll remember the magazine (along with the primers, supplements and media kit) had a drastic new beginning in February of 2004 when we launched the major redesign. There were other new beginnings in the past two and one-half years, like five new columns (StreetTalk, Operations Excellence, BioPartnerships, Compliance Briefing and Final Word.) You'll even see a sixth column about legal issues in 2006. You grew accustomed to reading about biogrowth in different US states with the beginning of a new section called Site Expansion, and that grew into yet another beginning when we covered the development of biocenters in various countries around the globe. From time to time, you've read about the addition of new advisors to the editorial board as well as new staff members. The newest beginning was the launch of our inaugural issue of the filtration e-newsletter in September.

Through all of that and more, you've remained an enthusiastic and dedicated audience. And since we don't want you to grow bored, I'd like to share with you another new beginning!

When you turn this page, you will meet a brand new editor-in-chief! This will be my last editorial for BioPharm because I recently accepted an outstanding opportunity with The Scientist in Philadelphia, PA.

My successor is Laura Bush, who joins BioPharm from Pharmaceutical Technology, where she has been managing editor for the past two and a half years. Given Laura's strong editorial background and industry knowledge, I am confident that BioPharm will be in excellent hands.

Resigning from BioPharm was not an easy decision to make, I can assure you, because it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with so many of you. I thank you for the gracious support you've offered during the past few years, and I suspect our paths will continue to cross in the future.

Until we meet again, take care.

Carol L. Fisher, Editor in Chief
BioPharm International

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