Disposables: Biopharmaceutical Disposables as a Disruptive Future Technology

Users and vendors convene at an IVT meeting on disposables to discuss the potential of single-use technology in bioproduction over the next 10 years.
Jun 01, 2007
Volume 20, Issue 6

If the prognostication and crystal ball–gazing at a recent meeting organized by the Institute of Validation Technology (IVT) on disposables is any indication, the future of single-use components in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes is likely to become increasingly diverse and attractive. The meeting, "Disposable Technologies for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing" held in February in Alexandria, VA, included an interactive breakout session, co-chaired by the authors. Both users and vendors projected how disposables may affect bioproduction over the next 10 years. Meeting participants identified how disposable technologies can do far more than reduce cleaning requirements and minimize risks of cross contamination. They can also help save money, manufacture products previously unprofitable, and be used in areas not otherwise considered.

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