Automated Collector for Analytical Chromatography Applications

Jan 18, 2018
By BioPharm International Editors

The NGC Fraction Collector from Bio-Rad Laboratories provides the flexibility and collection capacity needed for any analytical or preparative chromatography application when used with the company’s NGC Chromatography System.

Features include a benchtop Peltier cooling module for temperature-sensitive biomolecules and an optional enclosure to protect samples from environmental conditions while allowing full access during a run. Because the enclosure is optional, the same fraction collector can also be used for reverse-phase chromatography applications.

The unit, which runs on ChromLab 5.0 Software, allows researchers to choose how to collect and when to access their fractions. The system can be activated to collect based on slope, percent of buffer from pump B, pH, and detector signals. According to the company, front-to-back dispensing provides access to fractions before method completion for improved speed of downstream analysis. Researchers can also choose the type of collection vessel they prefer for each phase in a method, including deep-well plates, tubes, bottles, and carboys (with prep-rack adaptors for large-scale purification). Adding two new fraction collectors to each NGC System can further expand capacity, according to a company press release.

Source: Bio-Rad

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