Assurance of Supply

Robust materials management, supplier quality management, quality control, and business continuity planning are essential to ensure continuous supply of single-use bags.
Jun 15, 2018
Volume 2018 eBook, Issue 2, pg 30, 32–33

Single-use bags are widely used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. A crucial aspect for drug manufacturers is the reliability of the supply chain of single-use bags. BioPharm International spoke to Sara Bell, senior marketing manager, Single-Use Solutions, MilliporeSigma, about the supply-chain challenges from a single-use supplier’s perspective.

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Article Details

BioPharm International
eBook: Single-Use Systems 2018
Vol. 31
June 2018
Pages: 30, 32–33



When referring to this article, please cite it as A. Siew, "An Integrated Approach to Shipping Liquid in Single-Use Systems," BioPharm International Single-Use Systems 2018 eBook (June 2018).

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