Analytical Methods

Nov 01, 2016
BioPharm International
To investigate the best culture conditions, the authors used response surface methodology via Box-Behnken design.
Oct 28, 2016
BioPharm International spoke with Trevor Marshall, director of enterprise systems integration at Zenith Technologies about automating processes in upstream processing.
Oct 19, 2016
By BioPharm International Editors
The new guidelines will address bioanalytical method validation and biopharmaceutics classification system-based biowaivers.
Oct 15, 2016
BioPharm International
The authors describe the qualification of an assay with applications for investigating functional comparability of an originator and biosimilar drug.
Sep 01, 2016
BioPharm International
Innovations in electrophoresis and chromatography upstream of protein characterization can accelerate research.
Jul 01, 2016
BioPharm International
The author addresses critical issues to consider prior to performing forced degradation studies and provides best practice recommendations for these types of studies.
Jun 20, 2016
The assay, co-developed by Grifols and Hologic, will be used to test blood donations in the United States.
May 04, 2016
By BioPharm International Editors
Investment at SGS’s Mississauga, Canada facility provides for analysis of molecular interactions in real time.
May 01, 2016
BioPharm International
Data acquired from osmolality, glucose, and folic acid tests provides useful information for the specific identification of cell-culture media.
Apr 01, 2016
BioPharm International
The author describes common components of a relative potency bioassay and provides a framework for assay development, calculation, and control.
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