Fluid Imaging


Five Key Benefits of Automating Flow Imaging Microscopy

Learn about the key benefits of adding automation to flow imaging microscopy and how these are implemented in ALH for FlowCamTM

Characterization of Protein Aggregates and Other Particles in Biopharmaceuticals - Application Note

In this application note we show how flow imaging microscopy and FlowCam can help analyze particles in biotherapeutic samples. To demonstrate this ability, a simulated protein formulation consisting of silicone oil microdroplets spiked in a protein formulation was prepared and run on a FlowCam 8100 FIM instrument and analyzed with VisualSpreadsheet software.

Measuring Subvisible Particles and Aggregates Using FlowCam LO - White Paper

In this white paper, we utilize FlowCam LO to obtain simultaneous Flow imaging Microscopy (FIM) and LO measurements of a single sample. The results demonstrate that LO can undersize or even completely fail to detect highly transparent particles such as ETFE and some protein aggregates that FIM easily detects. These results highlight the importance of pairing LO measurements with an orthogonal technique like FIM.

Early Detection of Aggregation in Formulations: FlowCam Nano for submicron particle characterization in biotherapeutics

In this white paper, we demonstrate the analysis capabilities of FlowCam Nano for biotherapeutic formulation development. This study compares the results from FlowCam Nano with those from FlowCam 8100 when analyzing samples containing protein aggregates, sucrose particles, and bacteria. We also demonstrate the consistency of the particle concentration measurements with FlowCam Nano and how the instrument may also be used to determine relative particle concentrations in samples.

Robust AI Methods for Protein Biotherapeutics: VisualAITM software for sample-agnostic image analysis with FlowCam

In our new white paper, we present detailed performance results for FlowCam's Artificial Intelligence software, VisualAI, using images of different protein aggregates including monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and silicone oil that were obtained with multiple FlowCam 8100 instruments. We also demonstrate VisualAI’s effectiveness at measuring protein aggregate content in samples with known ratios of protein aggregates and silicone oil droplets.