Tosoh Bioscience

Dec 01, 2006
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 19, Issue 12

General Description

Tosoh Bioscience is a supplier of liquid chromatography products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our products are used for the analysis, isolation and purification of proteins, peptides, enzymes, nucleic acids, antibiotics and small molecules. Established in 1987, Tosoh Bioscience became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation in 2000. The strength of Tosoh Bioscience lies in its ability to maintain the responsiveness and flexibility of a small, entrepreneurial company, while drawing upon the long history, technical expertise and manufacturing capacity of its well respected parent company.

Biopharmaceutical Techniques Supported

Size Exclusion, Reversed Phase, Normal Phase (Hydrophilic Interaction), Affinity, Hydrophobic Interaction, Ion Exchange.

Markets Served

Tosoh Bioscience serves the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Products and Services

Tosoh Bioscience offers a comprehensive line of pre-packed columns and media for all common modes of liquid chromatography.

TSK GEL is available as bulk polymeric resin or in silica- or polymeric-based pre-packed columns. Columns come in microbore analytical through preparative sizes, with particle sizes of column packings ranging from 2 to 20 micron. TSK-GEL bulk resins are available in 10, 13, and 20 micron particle sizes.

TOYOPEARL chromatography resins are based on a semi-rigid, hydrophilic, macroporous backbone, and are stable over the pH 2-13 range. Particle sizes are 20-50 micron superfine (S) grade for the highest performance, 40-90 micron (M) for economical purification, and 50-150 micron (C) for the largest scale chromatography. Chemistries similar to those of TSK-GEL columns allow seamless scale-up from benchtop to manufacturing suite.

ToyoScreen process development columns are easy-to-use, 1mL and 5mL prepacked columns of your favorite Toyopearl hydrophobic interaction, ion exchange and affinity resins. They can be easily connected to äKTA, FPLC and HPLC systems for performing resin screening, process optimization experiments or microgram purifications.

TSK-GEL, Toyopearl and ToyoScreen are registered trademarks of Tosoh Corporation. äKTA and FPLC are trademarks of Amersham Biosciences Limited.

Extensive technical assistance available with:

  • Applications for method development chemists and engineers
  • Method development and scale-up
  • On-site large column packing
  • Validation and registration for process scale customers
  • Re-engineering for improved process economics


Tosoh Bioscience is located in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. Supply chain offices are located in Grove City, Ohio. European operations are in Stuttgart, Germany, with sales offices in the UK and France.

156 Keystone Drive
Montgomeryville, PA 07004






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