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Jul 11, 2006
Volume 19, Issue 7
Removing the analytical SDS-PAGE bottleneck in Protein Expression

The need for pure and correctly folded target proteins is a key driver for parallel protein expression and purification. Protein expression studies can easily lead to large numbers of samples that have to be handled and analyzed. Samples out of a single protein target experiment in pharmaceutical research often get multiplied by using several constructs, different tags and cell lines, various time points or temperatures. As a result several hundreds of samples traditionally are run by one dimensional SDS-PAGE. These slab gel measurements are slow and time consuming, additionally the reproducibility is not really impressing and quantitation needs to be done separately e.g. by BCA or Bradford assay. Automated and miniaturized analysis on a "Lab-on-a-Chip" based system enables investigators to conduct such experiments quicker with less efforts.

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