Disposables Advisor

BioPharm International: Apr 30, 2014
Progress is being made in the development of harmonized best practices for single-use systems.
BioPharm International: Feb 01, 2014
Studies show diminished cell growth properties associated with some biocontainer or bioreactor films.
BioPharm International: Jul 31, 2013
Choosing the right disposable components for your application.
BioPharm International: Oct 31, 2012
The author considers the types of tubing available to the industry and how to make an informed selection.
BioPharm International: Jul 31, 2012
There is no harmonized guidance on pre-use integrity testing of sterilizing filters, prompting discussion among users as to whether such testing is necessary.
BioPharm International: Feb 01, 2012
This article outlines methods, validation standards, and documentation of sterilization of single-use products using gamma irradiation.
BioPharm International: Jul 31, 2011
The author looks at strategies to minimize particle levels in the finished product when using single-use technologies downstream of final capabilities.
BioPharm International: May 31, 2011
Single-use conference roundup.
BioPharm International: Feb 01, 2011
Although some aspects of single-use components can be standardized, it is unlikely that any materials or design features will become a commodity