Supply Chain/Logistics

Jan 01, 2007
BioPharm International
The supply chain can be used as a tool for managing not only product supply risks, but overall business risks as well.
Apr 01, 2006
BioPharm International
RFID is currently the most advanced tracking technology, but manufacturers need to pursue a multilayered approach . . .
Apr 01, 2005
BioPharm International
By BioPharm International Editors
Mass serialization, or the ability to store a unique serial number for each item, is the most useful feature of RFID tags.
Oct 01, 2004
BioPharm International
Wyeth BioPharma has identified cycle-time reduction as critical to customer responsiveness and the success of commercial and pipeline products. In formulating a plan of attack, the company focused on two aspects of cycle time: the global planning process and disposition cycle times.
Apr 01, 2004
BioPharm International
FDA backs e-chips over paper pedigrees and unit-of-use packaging.
Feb 01, 2004
BioPharm International
This article focuses on the front end of qualifying a new raw material from a given supplier. Once qualified, this status must be maintained by periodic review and requalification.
Sep 01, 2003
BioPharm International
FDA and manufacturers seek to curb bogus drugs, while legislators consider liberalizing import policies to cut pharmaceutical costs.
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