Sartorius Corporation

Dec 01, 2006
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 19, Issue 12

Company Description

Sartorius specializes in the manufacture and support of separation and purification equipment in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries scaleable from R&D to pilot plant to production levels. This covers process, pilot and laboratory filtration systems for pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, including membrane and depth filter cartridges and capsules, fermentors and bioreactors, crossflow micro and ultrafiltration systems, life sciences laboratory devices and cell culture products, SS housings, filter integrity test equipment, filter and bag assemblies and disposable mixing technologies. Filter materials include non-protein binding cellulose acetate, polyethersulfone, nylon, polypropylene, PTFE, cellulose nitrate and other membranes utilized from the QC laboratory to high demanding process filtration applications.

Markets Served

Our filter products are critical components in the cGMP-regulated production processes of our customers in the biotechnology industry. Our expertise covers applications for biomolecular and bioseparations, concentration, purification, fermentation, and cell culture technology from R&D to process-scale applications. Our company's new facility represents a new dimension in membrane-filter production and fulfills current and anticipated future quality and hygiene requirements of the biotech industry.

Products and Services

Biotechnology Division

  • Complete range of scalable crossflow and cartridge filtration products for the biotechnology industry
  • Laboratory fermentors and bioreactors - benchtop to production scale for life sciences, bioscience, fermentation and cell culture markets
  • Life sciences products for universities, public institutes and small biotech companies

Mechatronics Division

  • Industrial and laboratory scales and balances
  • Top quality load cell and electronic weighing products for industrial, laboratory and precision weighing
  • Metal-detection equipment, belt weighers, Checkweighers for industrial and laboratory applications

Technical Services

Sartorius' technical facilities provide validation services which include product wet integrity testing, viability and bacterial challenge testing, and compatibility studies. We also cover analytical testing services which consists of extractables studies (TOC, NVR, RP-HPLC, FTIR and GC-MS), chemical compatibility, and adsorption studies. Sartorius Biotechnology Services Group uses actual product formulation to provide comprehensive testing and final reports that meet and exceed current regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Sartorius AG, headquartered in Goettingen, Germany, is an international market and technology leader in biotechnology. Our $60 million production facilities, called Plant 2001, are setting global standards for high-quality manufacture of separation products. The facilities are designed according to our integrated cleanroom concept to meet current and future quality requirements of the biotech industry. Plant 2001 means state-of-the-art production, increased capacity, highly skilled and trained personnel, and an advanced organization to serve growing needs of the biotechnology industry. Sartorius operates six manufacturing facilities in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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