Podcast: Biosimilar Development

Dec 05, 2011
By BioPharm International Editors

Anjan Selz, cofounder and CEO of Finox Biotech, takes us on the exciting journey from cell bank to Phase III, something that was achieved in just four years for his company’s biosimilar product, Afolia. In this first of three podcasts, Selz notes that Finox Biotech decided very early on that it wanted to move away from the “me too” approach to biosimilars and focus on product differentiation. Selz goes into detail about biosimilar candidate selection using Afolia (a follicle stimulating hormone), as an example, and describes the importance of having a good understanding of the patent landscape. Selz describes Finox’s outsourcing strategies in terms of partner selection—notably, all are based in Western Europe, and also offers insight into creating meaningful relationships in which success is a shared goal. Posted Dec. 2011.

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