Millipore Corporation

Dec 01, 2006
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 19, Issue 12

Company Description

Delivering more than filtration, purification and process monitoring products, Millipore Corporation provides access to services that optimize and validate your processes, resources to streamline your operation, know-how from over 50 years' industry experience, and solutions that integrate it all.

Products and Services

Mobius Flexible Bioprocessing Solutions

Millipore's Mobius disposable manufacturing solutions can help achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Our suite of modular technologies, validation packages and services create one complete disposable solution, offering reduced validation and cleaning efforts, minimized contamination and improved operator safety.

Separation and Purification Technologies

Offering a comprehensive product offering including media, columns and systems, and a range of process and validation services, from laboratory to process scale, Millipore will work with you on all your chromatography needs.

ProSep-vA Ultra chromatography media is manufactured using Millipore's controlled pore glass (CPG) media.

The scalable family of QuikScale columns delivers greater product purity at faster linear velocities than columns currently used in most pharmaceutical processes.

Many features of the K-Prime Biochromatography systems, including automated buffer mixing, ensure high product recovery for cost-effective separations.

Process Monitoring Tools

Millipore's process monitoring tools verify that the process is functioning within operation parameters, ensuring quality and safety.

The Milliflex Rapid microbiology detection and enumeration system is an automated solution for rapid detection, response and resolution of microbial contamination.

Steritest EZ Sterility testing devices have been the industry standard for years, simplifying every aspect of testing, from handling to traceability, all in a closed concept.

The NovaSeptum closed sampling system is ideal for general fluid and cell culture sampling for aseptic and sterile processes.

Sterile Filtration Solutions

Millipore's flagship Durapore PVDF membrane and ultra fast Millipore Express PES membranes are offered in a range of pore sizes, membrane configurations, and filter formats, including Millidisk cartridge, Opticap XL and XLT capsule, OptiScale and Millipak devices. Millipore has the right sterilizing-grade filter for every process need and scale.

Mixers, Valves, Connectors

NovAseptic Mixers are designed for a wide variety of mixing applications and offer a complete solution for mixing throughout the process line. NovAseptic Valves are engineered for optimal performance, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance. NovAseptic Connectors provide flexibility and have been developed with a high level of aseptic design.

Cell Culture

With the addition of the Celliance product family during the recent serologicals acquisition, Millipore now offers a range of products for use in cell culture processes and is the leading supplier of INCELLIGENT animal-free, recombinant human insulin. EX-CYTE is a patented serum-free solution of cholesterol, lipoprotein and fatty acids, designed to enhance the cell growth and production of monoclonal antibodies or recombinant proteins.

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