Microbix Biosystems, Inc.

Dec 01, 2006
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 19, Issue 12

Company Description

Microbix Biosystems, Inc. specializes in developing proprietary biological technologies which have led to the development of a pipeline of products and services in three areas; biotherapeutics, vaccines and non-therapeutic biologics. Each product area utilizes the company's core technology platform based on cell biology, purification and characterization of viruses and proteins. We manufacture products for our biopharmaceutical pipeline as well as products for clients in our newly renovated cGMP facility. Our Virology product line supports medical device manufacturers and vaccine developers worldwide. The Microbix Virology products and contract development services have a long established history while continually evolving to meet current technology and regulatory requirements.

Biopharmaceutical Techniques Supported

Microbix cultures mammalian cells in a number of culture systems, including roller bottles, cell factories and stirred vessels. Protein drug substances are purified and treated at both large and small scales using chromatography, membrane separation, utrafiltration, diafiltration, pasteurization and nanofiltration.

Markets Served

Contract development and manufacturing services are provided to biotech and vaccine companies advancing their technologies or in need of manufactured product for clinical studies. Our new cGMP facility is suitable for manufacture of protein drug substance or smal, commercial- stage production where processing volumes range from 10's to 1000's of litres.

Products and Services

  • Urokinase for indications in oncology, thrombolytics and catheter clearance
  • Contract development and manufacturing services to biopharmaceutical products
  • Infectious disease product catalogue for medical device manufacturing and research
  • Influenza vaccine yield enhancement technology
  • Sperm Sexing Technology for the domestic livestock (dairy, beef and pig) artificial insemination industry.


Microbix has two facilities located in Toronto, Canada. Our newly renovated Skyway facility is used for manufacture of ThromboClear and client drug substances, as well as for development and validation of process. It is 17,000 sq. ft. with clean room suites and process utilities, such as WFI, capable of supporting a wide range of biological manufacturing technology. Our Bering Ave site is a BL-2 containment facility dedicated to manufacture of infectious disease products and development of vaccine technology for both Microbix and our clients.

115 Skyway Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9W 4Z4







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