Manufacturing, Lyophilization

Oct 01, 2011
BioPharm International
A survey provides insight into drug companies' plans for spending on outsourced services. This article contains bonus online material.
Dec 01, 2010
BioPharm International
Apply a DoE strategy to test several formulations in parallel.
Dec 01, 2009
BioPharm International
A case study assesses freezing time and physical robustness under stress.
Nov 02, 2009
BioPharm International
Genentech's evaluation of single-use technologies for bulk freeze-thaw, storage, and transportation.
Oct 01, 2009
BioPharm International
Needle-free vaccine delivery platforms can solve the problems of stockpiling, cold-chain management, and pandemic preparedness.
May 01, 2006
BioPharm International
The sugars used to stabilize lyophilized proteins often have not been subjected to appropriate cGMP standards.
Mar 15, 2002
BioPharm International
The freezing method used during lyophilization can substantially affect the structure of the ice formed, the water-vapor flow during primary drying, and the quality of the final product. Controlling how a solution freezes can shorten lyophilization cycles and produce more stable formations.
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