Drug Delivery

Nov 25, 2014
By BioPharm International Editors
Merck announced an agreement with NewLink Genetics to acquire exclusive rights to its experimental Ebola vaccine, rVSV-EBOV, for $50 million.
Nov 13, 2014
The new partnership will focus on RNA biology for the discovery and manufacture of new therapies.
Nov 04, 2014
AstraZeneca announced a partnership with Pharmacyclics and Janssen for combination trials of MEDI4736 (AstraZeneca) with Imbruvica (Pharmacyclics and Janssen) for the treatment of hematologic cancers.
Oct 28, 2014
New research will focus on a superfamily of protein receptors linked to various diseases.
Oct 17, 2014
Personalized immunotherapy treatments help 90% of acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients achieve remission in a new study.
Oct 17, 2014
The new service offering will help customers determine levels of permeability, transport, metabolism, and toxicity in drug product.
Oct 01, 2014
BioPharm International
Prefilled syringes offer advantages to manufacturers, healthcare professionals, and patients.
Mar 01, 2014
BioPharm International
The targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs using antibody drug conjugates would not be possible without effective linkers to connect and then release the key chemical and biological materials.
Jan 30, 2014
By BioPharm International Editors
NCI launches trial to assess the utility of genetic sequencing to improve patient outcomes.
Oct 01, 2012
BioPharm International
By BioPharm International Editors
Recently published research demonstrates how nanoparticles can be used to overcome hurdles in localized drug delivery.
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