Downstream Processing

May 17, 2015
BioPharm International
Making use of chromatography resins with better selectivity, resolution and capacity is one approach to solving the problem not only of aggregate removal, but also that of mAb fragment and other digest products, in a column chromatography purification step. The data presented here demonstrate the capabilities of CaPure-HA to separate Fab and Fc fragments from undigested mAb in a papain digest of an IgG1 monoclonal antibody.
May 13, 2015
As an important addition to the process development toolbox for platform process evaluation, Cadence™ Inline Concentrators (ILC), which utilize single-pass TFF technology, are crucial enablers of integrated, streamlined and continuous bioprocessing initiatives. ILC technology can remove constraints in existing facilities and increase the flexibility of manufacturing capabilities by increasing productivity and facilitating further use of disposables.
Apr 30, 2015
BioPharm International
Higher cell densities, greater demand for high-performance viral clearance, and desire for large-scale single-use technologies are driving development of filtration technologies.
Apr 13, 2015
BioPharm Bulletin
Use of ScreenExpert RoboColumns for high-throughput study of loading conditions on HyperCel™ STAR AX and MEP HyperCel Sorbents for mAb purification in flow-through mode.
Apr 05, 2015
By BioPharm International Editors
Pall’s acquisition of BioSMB from Tarpon Biosystems expands its downstream continuous processing offerings.
Mar 31, 2015
BioPharm International
Making the switch from batch to continuous manufacturing requires a thorough understanding of the process.
Mar 25, 2015
BioPharm International
Design of Experiments (DoE), also called experimental design, is a statistical approach to process development that has gained wide acceptance in the biopharmaceutical industry. DoE is used to reduce development costs by speeding up the design process and to optimize the parameters of a particular step in the manufacturing process. The data presented here demonstrate the optimization of the CaPure-HA elution using a DoE approach.
Mar 01, 2015
BioPharm International
Recent technological advances in the way biologic therapeutics are purified may bring size-exclusion chromatography back into the modern purification process.
Mar 01, 2015
BioPharm International
Large-scale implementation of Protein A chromatography offers several challenges.
Feb 01, 2015
BioPharm International
They may not be glamorous, but buffers play an important role in biopharma manufacturing.