Editorial Contacts - BioPharm International


Editorial Contacts

BioPharm International Sales Office:
485F US Highway 1 South
Suite 210
Iselin, NJ  08830-3009
Phone: 732.596.0276
Fax: 732.647.1235

BioPharm International Editorial Contacts:

Rita Peters
Editorial Director
Phone: 732.346.3038
Email: rpeters@advanstar.com
Please contact Rita about submitting articles and manuscripts.

Susan Haigney
Managing Editor
Phone: 732.346.3045
Email: shaigney@advanstar.com

Adeline Siew
Scientific Editor
Email: asiew@advanstar.com

Melanie Sena
Community Editor
Email: msena@advanstar.com

Email all product and press releases to bppress@advanstar.com

Dan Ward
Art Director
Phone: 218.740.7076
Fax: 218.740.6995
Email: dward@media.advanstar.com
Please contact Dan on art permissions and other art-related issues.



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