cGMP Custom Manufacturing of Tomorrow's Medicines

Jun 02, 2007

Cobra Biomanufacturing is dedicated to designing robust processes that deliver high-quality preclinical and clinical biopharmaceutical products for its international life-sciences customers. From proteins and viruses to DNA and cells, Cobra offers a full range of biomanufacturing services and has established an enviable track record in cGMP manufacturing.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Having originally worked for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ourselves we are sensitive to the unprecedented time and cost demands placed upon our customers in obtaining high-quality products for preclinical and clinical supply. Cobra's flexible and resourceful teams devise streamlined and optimized solutions to overcome the hurdles in making medicines. Besides developing conventional biopharmaceuticals, our scientists' skills and approaches enable us to excel in making difficult, complex, or emerging biopharmaceuticals.

Robust Manufacturing Processes

Cobra's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities house eight flexible-scale, dedicated cGMP suites from which we supply materials for clinical trials to five continents: North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. We devise innovative technologies and solutions to improve manufacturing efficiency and safety, and we design robust processes for the guaranteed delivery of clinical products. For example, strains of bacteria have been engineered that produce lower levels of host contaminants, reducing costs and accelerating product purification. Consideration of future regulatory requirements and changes also served as a driver for Cobra's scientists to design vectors that can be maintained without antibiotics. Antibiotic-free selection reduces processing costs and provides a safer product. On another front, expression technologies have been and continue to be developed enabling rapid selection and isolation of mammalian cell lines expressing high levels of proteins.

Communication for Success

At Cobra, we recognize the value of transparent and effective communications with our customers. We ensure that we provide regular progress updates, as well as respond to our customers' needs. Large enough to deliver and small enough to care, Cobra dedicates the attention and resources needed with multidisciplinary teams that remain with each program throughout its life. This seamless integration reduces both transfer risk and time delays, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Delivering the highest quality products on schedule through trusted relationships ensures that our customers come back for further clinical development and production—or with new projects.

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