Celliance Corporation

Dec 01, 2005
By BioPharm International Editors
Volume 18, Issue 12

Company Description

Celliance offers an expanding array of bioprocessing products and services including diagnostic products, cell culture media supplements, and contract manufacturing services. The company's customers include many of the leading biopharmaceutical companies worldwide who have brought FDA-approved products to the market using Celliance's products and technologies. Celliance's products help accelerate the movement of critical therapeutic drugs from the laboratory to the marketplace. Celliance is a Serologicals company based in Atlanta, GA.


Located in North America and the United Kingdom, the company's manufacturing facilities represent a quality commitment to our customers. The Kankakee, IL, Toronto, Canada, and Lawrence, KS facilities produce a variety of proteins and other supplements used in diagnostic reagents and cell culture media. The company's facility in Scotland develops and manufactures monoclonal antibodies for use in diagnostic products.


The EX-CYTE growth enhancement media supplement provides a balanced profile of metabolic factors proven to enhance cell growth and protein production in a variety of mammalian cells.

Probumin BSA: With over 30 application-specific grades of bovine albumin, Celliance is one of the world's largest and most experienced manufacturer of high quality bovine albumin.

Incelligent Insulin: Celliance is the leading provider of Incelligent recombinant human insulin to the bioprocessing industry.

MonoSera Monoclonal Antibodies

Celliance is a leading manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies for the blood-typing industry. Celliance has over 60 monoclonal antibodies and over 20 years of expertise in the manufacture of monoclonal antibodies and finished blood-typing reagents.

5655 Spalding Drive Norcross, GA 30092

North America: 800.431.4505
All Others: 678.728.2246

North America: 800.468.7436
All Others: 678.728.2247



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