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Boot Camp Business Guide

The State of the Used-Equipment Market

November 1, 2013

Today, there is a global adoption of buying and selling used equipment. This article reviews what organizations should look for when considering the purchase of used equipment.

Outsourced Training: A Primer

July 1, 2013

Five key attributes to look for in a biopharm training partner.

Data and Systems Management

May 1, 2013

KR Karu from Sparta Systems spoke with BioPharm International about the importance of having an enterprise quality management system.

Facility Design and Operation: A Primer

February 1, 2013

NIBRT's Michael Lacey provides an overview of biopharmaceutical facility design and operation.

Best Quality Practices for Biomedical R&D

August 1, 2012

Members from an ASQ working group provide analytical methods to enable PAT.

Considerations for Successful Upstream Process Development

July 1, 2012

Selection of the right cell line, culture medium, and bioreactor conditions is key to setting up the upstream portion of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Changing Your Business Model

May 1, 2012

BioPharm talks with Tarja Mottram, CEO of Action for Results, on design-for-value concepts, management, and cross-functionality.

Growing Your Biopharmaceutical Product Pipeline

April 1, 2012

BioPharm talks with Tarja Mottram, CEO of Action for Results, about key business considerations when starting out.

Empire State Drug Development

March 2, 2012

An architectural wonder teaches the biopharmaceutical industry a valuable lesson in project management.



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