Biopta Ltd.

Dec 02, 2006
By BioPharm International Editors

Company Description

Biopta is an in vitro pharmacology company; our two divisions work synergistically delivering human tissue research services and automated in vitro pharmacology instruments to pharmaceutical companies and research groups worldwide.

Our human tissue research services are utilized by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to improve the predictability and efficiency of their drug development. Our assays are used to either provide proof of concept in man or detect potential human adverse effects much earlier in the development process.

In addition, our instrument division has designed and developed a novel platform technology for isolated tissue pharmacology; our first instrument has recently been launched.

Biopharmaceutical Techniques Supported

  • Human tissue services
  • In vitro pharmacology
  • Myography
  • Organ baths
  • Tissue culture

Markets Served

Biopta's two divisions support drug development companies (pharmaceutical and biotechnology) and research groups worldwide.

More specifically, our human tissue services are primarily utilized by companies in early development; mainly late discovery and preclinical.

Our instruments are focused on physiology and pharmacology research, applicable to academic groups and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Products and Services

Biopta's research services provide in vitro pharmacology screening in ethically donated human tissues. Our assays are based on the measurement of a functional response in fresh human tissues. Our wide network of providers allows us to source fresh tissue from both healthy and diseased patients. The tissues available include blood vessels (for example, resistance arteries and coronary arteries), gut, uterus, skeletal muscle, and isolated airways.

Biopta's first instrument PM-1 is an automated isolated tissue in vitro pharmacology system. The technique, perfusion myography, is an in vitro bioassay which, by using isolated tissues that retain their in vivo characteristics, allows dimensional analysis of tubular tissues capable of dilation and constriction.


Biopta was founded in 2002 as a Glasgow Caledonian University spinout, and over recent years we have grown in staff and expertise. We are currently based within Glasgow University's Vet School at the Weipers Centre. Our human tissue research laboratories are fully GLP compliant, following MHRA inspection early in 2006.

Weipers Centre
Garscube Estate
Bearsden Road
G61 1QH

+44 0141 330 5274

+44 0141 330 3831



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