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Opportunities in Biosimilars
Michael Kamarck, president of Merck BioVentures, talks about the opportunities and challenges in biosimilars. Posted July 2010. Listen now

Using Stability Models to Predict Drug Characteristics at the End of Shelf Life
Listen to this interview with Peter Sprinz, PhD, a senior research scientist at Eli Lilly, to learn about using stability models to predict drug characteristics at the end of shelf life. Posted June 2010. Listen now

Microbial Fermenter Equipment Calibration
Kirsten Hayda, process development engineer at Amgen, discusses the benefits of testing fermentation equipment. Posted June 2010. Listen now

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing in India: The Challenges
In this interview, Ajit Mahadevan, Leader of Biotech initiatives for the India Life Sciences Practices at Ernst & Young, discusses current trends and challenges of outsourcing biomanufacturing-related activities to India. Posted March 2010. Listen now

Solving Tomorrow's Downstream Processing Challenges
Listen in and hear tips for using improved processing technologies, better analytics, and advanced process development tools. acquisition? Posted March 2010. Listen now

Pfizer's Maddaluna on Integrating Wyeth's Manufacturing Organization
What is the future of Pfizer's global manufacturing network following the Wyeth acquisition? Posted Feb. 2010. Listen now

Quality by Design: Where We Stand Now
On what aspects of Quality by Design is there now consensus within the industry and regulatory bodies, and what remains to be sorted out? Posted Feb. 2010. Listen now

Biopharmaceutical Job Market: 2010 & Beyond
Current and future employment trends for the biopharmaceutical industry. Posted Jan. 2010. Listen now


The Environmental Impact of Disposables
Are single-use technologies bad for the environment? Posted Jan. 2009. Listen now



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