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Articles by Cynthia Challener, PhD

Cynthia Challener, PhD

Monoclonal Antibodies Key to Unlocking the Biosimilars Market
April 1, 2014

The approval and acceptance of monoclonal antibody biosimilars is necessary if the biosimilars market is to experience real growth.

Predicting Lyophilization Performance
March 1, 2014

Researchers are using current understanding of the lyophilization process to predict performance on many levels during both process development and manufacturing.

Advances in Linker Technology
March 1, 2014

The targeted delivery of cytotoxic drugs using antibody drug conjugates would not be possible without effective linkers to connect and then release the key chemical and biological materials.

Advances in UPLC Techniques and Column Chemistry Aid the Confirmation of Biosimilarity
February 1, 2014

Automated sample handling, advanced glycan analysis and specially designed columns are helping biosimilar manufacturers speed up confirmation of the biosimilarity of their products.

Tackling the Challenge of Higher-Order Structure Determination
February 1, 2014

Advances in instrumentation, software, and methodologies provide more information than ever on the higher-order structure of proteins.

How Will CMOs Provide Sufficient Capacity for Growing Biologics Demand
January 31, 2014

With numerous biologics set to come off patent soon and the percentage of new therapeutics based on biomolecules growing, demand for contract manufacturing in the biopharma space is heating up.

Progress in the Prediction of Protein Aggregation
January 1, 2014

Techniques to enable the design and formulation of stable, protein-based therapeutics.

Single-Use Continuous Chromatography Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Protein Purification
August 20, 2013

Continuous countercurrent tangential chromatography (CCTC) is a column-free process that provides a scalable, disposable, and cost-saving alternative to column chromatography.

EMD Millipore, PharmaCell Collaborate on Large-Scale Bioreactor Production of Stem Cells
August 16, 2013

EMD Millipore and PharmaCell have entered into a collaboration to develop optimized large-scale expansion and harvest of HepaRG cells using bioreactor technology.



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