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Articles by Jane Wan

Jane Wan

Healthcare Reform in China
September 1, 2014

Chinese healthcare reforms may be a double-edged sword for foreign companies.

Brunei's Potential Pharmaceutical Market Growth
June 1, 2014

Brunei harnesses its rich biodiversity and the growing halal market in a bid to develop its pharmaceutical sector.

Regulators Get Tough on Corruption in China
March 1, 2014

China's regulatory and compliance environment is set to change as the government declares a crackdown on bribery scandals.

Clinical Trials Head East to Asia
December 1, 2013

The rising cost of drug development and the decreasing proportion of drug-naive population in the US and European markets are driving international pharmaceutical companies to consider emerging markets as a location to conduct their clinical trials. Asia stands out among the emerging markets given its double-digit growth rates.

Report from Myanmar
October 1, 2013

Foreign companies zero in on Myanmar with the hope of securing a foothold in its pharmaceutical market.

Report from India
August 1, 2013

Industry players brace themselves to face challenges as India's new drug-pricing policy kicks in full gear.

Report from Thailand
April 1, 2013

The Thai government is ramping up efforts to promote and develop the biotechnology sector in a bid to enhance its global competitiveness.

Report from India
February 1, 2013

India's biopharmaceutical industry is valued at $2 billion a year with 20 companies producing biosimilars and 50 products available in the domestic market.

Report from South Korea
December 1, 2012

The South Korean market is characterized by its aging population and an affluent population. Growth potential is limited as it has evolved to a developed market and industry players expect it to have established regulations.



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