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Articles by Edward R. Arling

Edward R. Arling

Beyond GMPs: The Latest Approaches to Good Manufacturing Practices
November 15, 2004

GMP is the acronym for Good Manufacturing Practice. The GMPs represent a set of regulations that were promulgated as a final rule by FDA in 1978 and intended to ensure the safety and efficacy of the nation's drug products. The GMPs, as we know them today, are the result of over a century of actions by industry and reactions by government and consumer groups to bring guidance and controls to the food and drug industry, resulting in a safe supply of food and medicines.

Integrating QSIT into Quality Plans
June 1, 2004

A quality plan is a blueprint for business success and regulatory compliance.

Effective Biopharmaceutical Quality Assurance Units
January 1, 2004

Quality assurance units are interwoven throughout the biopharmaceutical enterprise and provide support to sustain operations. Most importantly, they must have the capacity and leadership to adapt to change.

Information Age Audits
November 1, 2003

Understanding the reach of 21 CFR Part 11 is the first step to assessing its impact. To protect your company, you need integrated quality audit solutions to evaluate the underlying validation of your electronic data.



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