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Articles by Tina S. Morris, PhD

Tina S. Morris, PhD

Tina S. Morris, PhD, is vice president of Biologics & Biotechnology at United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Developing an International Dialogue on Biologics Standards
August 1, 2011

US Pharmacopeia promotes horizontal standards and a product-class approach for quality attributes.

USP Product-Class Standards for Biologics
March 1, 2011

US Pharmacopeia develops and improves its class approach for ensuring quality biopharmaceuticals.

Industry Input Needed on Bioassay Standards
July 1, 2010

USP is advancing efforts to develop a guidance for evaluating bioassays.

Biological Potency Assays are Key to Assessing Product Consistency
June 1, 2009

Modern bioassays enable more accurate potency testing.



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