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Articles by Jue (Michelle) Wang, PhD

Jue (Michelle) Wang, PhD

Jue (Michelle) Wang, PhD, is assistant director, purification process development, at Medarex Inc.

Precipitation of Process-Derived Impurities in Non-Protein A Purification Schemes for Antibodies
October 2, 2009

Precipitation prior to capture chromatography offers a simple, robust, and economical method to remove CHO host cell proteins and DNA.

Advances in Non-Protein A Purification Processes for Human Monoclonal Antibodies
March 2, 2009

In three non-affinity purification processes based on cation exchange capture with high binding capacity, applying a host cell protein exclusion strategy enabled robust scale up and better economics.

Optimizing the Primary Recovery Step in Nonaffinity Purification Schemes for HuMAbs
March 2, 2008

An alternative approach to traditional Protein A schemes is comparable in overall efficiency, product recovery, and quality.

ALTERNATIVES TO PROTEIN A: Improved Downstream Process Design for Human Monoclonal Antibody Production
February 2, 2007

Affinity purification schemes for antibody production have certain limitations keeping up with cell culture expression levels as they reach and exceed 10 g/L. New downstream purification processes are based on low cost, long lasting, and high binding (40–100 mg/mL) cation exchange resins.



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