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Articles by Todd Applebaum

Todd Applebaum

Vice President of strategy and operations at Maxiom Group

Strengthening the Chain: Addressing Pedigree Challenges Across Outsourced Operations
October 1, 2008

Despite the current regulatory uncertainty, pharmaceutical companies should move forward with planning for serialization and pedigree.

Outsourcing: Managing Your Contractor Relationship—A Smart Investment
August 1, 2007

Companies need to avoid operating in a manner that is inconsistent with the priorities established in the strategic sourcing decision.

Supply Chain Management: Delivering on the Promise: Building an Effective Supply Chain
January 1, 2007

The supply chain can be used as a tool for managing not only product supply risks, but overall business risks as well.

Getting the Most from Your CMO Relationships: A Life Cycle Approach
July 1, 2006

Many CMO relationships are established while a product is early in clinical or preclinical development.



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