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Articles by Jim Miller

Outsourcing Report: Contract Players

Contract biomanufacturing competition focuses on technology, not capacity.
Aug 1, 2004

Technology innovations aimed at increasing yields and shortening development times can be very cost-effective, promising to reduce the need for large capital investments while getting the client into the clinic much faster.

Outsourcing Report: Contract Biomanufacturers Turn Conservative,

Apr 1, 2004

Outsourcing Report

Outsourcing Report: Big Pharma Promises to Focus on Productivity

Feb 1, 2004

Current productivity initiatives may be too little, too late — a more drastic overhaul may be required.

Outsourcing Outlook

All Signs Indicate a Strong 2004 for Contract Services
Dec 1, 2003

Publicly traded CROs and CMOs reported solid financial results in their most recent quarter, but the big news at October's AAPS meeting was the substantial rise in new RFPs and contracts.

Outsourcing Outlook: New FDA Approach will Drive Big Changes in Contract Manufacturing Business

Nov 1, 2003

As FDA tries to bring pharmaceutical manufacturing into the 21st century, changes are likely to favor companies with greater manufacturing expertise and the means to invest in new technoglogies.

Outsourcing Outlook: Outsourcing Is Front Page News in 2003

Oct 1, 2003

Outsourcing is in the public eye as politicians debate the lag in job growth despite a recovering economy, and the Bush Administration seeks to “competitively source” more agency activities.

CROs Hope for Second Half Research Burst

CROs and contract manufacturers had a decent second quarter, but they are hoping that big pharma comes through with a burst of trial start-ups in the second half of 2003.
Sep 1, 2003

CROs and CMOs have reported on their second quarter financial performance during July and August. Although revenues and profits were up for most companies reporting, the discussions of market conditions surrounding the financial results had a somewhat unsettled feel. Most contractors expect robust revenues in the second half of 2003 but are clearly nervous about whether the activity will actually materialize.

Outsourcing Outlook: Signs of Change

Aug 1, 2003

BIO 2003 offered many insights into biopharma's future.

Outsourcing Outlook: A Capacity for Excess

Jul 1, 2003

A Dutch biotech company’s $100 million investment puts the spotlight on biomanufacturing capacity



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