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Articles by Eric S. Langer

China Today: Biogenerics in China: An Evolving Industry

China's large domestic market potential and its competence in producing biogenerics are driving its future direction
Jun 1, 2007

In China, the presence of a substantial biogenerics industry reflects a growing need to provide healthcare to domestic populations, at a reasonable cost.

China Today: Intellectual Property Protection in China: Does it Warrant Worry?

The recent rise in patent application filings reflects new confidence in the future of patent protection
May 1, 2007

China's central government is aware of the need to improve intellectual property protection and enforcement.

China Today: Defining the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Market

A relatively liberal regulatory environment and huge market potential are leading to rapid industry expansion
Jan 1, 2007

China is home to more than 400 biogeneric manufacturers, which develop generic biopharmaceuticals for the domestic population.



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