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Articles by Jim Miller

Biomanufacturing Capacity Quandary

The outlook for cell culture capacity is highly variable, but contract manufacturing capacity could be tight.
Nov 1, 2008

There could be a serious glut of commercial scale mammalian cell culture capacity over the next five years. Then again, there could be a significant shortage. It all depends on how things develop in expression technology, the new product pipeline, and corporate strategies.

The Art of the Deal

CMOs should recognize that strategic outsourcing relationships must be based on more than just capacity.
Sep 1, 2008

Risk mitigation should be a key aspect of any contract manufacturing organization's business strategy.

Biomanufacturing Pendulum Swings Toward Overcapacity

The biomanufacturing building boom is merging with several industry trends to create a looming overcapacity situation.
May 1, 2008

The current overcapacity situation in the bio/pharmaceutical industry is a reminder that CMOs need to come up with business models and value propositions that are based on more than just selling capacity.

Offshore Opportunity on the Rise

Mar 1, 2008

The supply base for preclinical and clinical development services continues to expand in China.

Look Beyond Biopharmaceutical Industry Hype

Exubera and Cimzia provide a warning to CMOs that clinical and commercial success aren't guaranteed
Jan 1, 2008

A CMO faces significant risk of lost revenues and profits if the product fails in clinical trials or doesn't meet sales projections.

Contract Services Enabled the Biopharmaceutical Boom

In the next 20 years, new outsourcing business models will enable biopharmaceutical companies to become more virtual.
Oct 1, 2007

There wasn't much of a contract services industry when BioPharm International began publishing 20 years ago. Today's big names in biomanufacturing, including Lonza, Boehringer-Ingelheim, and Avecia, had not yet entered the business.

Outsourcing: Robust Market Testing CROs' Ability to Deliver

Many service providers admit that their systems and management are inadequate to handle current growth—and more demand is coming in 2008
Sep 1, 2007

Meeting service levels is a major challenge for pharmaceutical services providers because the requirements of their client base vary widely.

Outsourcing Insights: Why European CMOs Are Coming to America

European contract manufacturing organizations place sales representatives in US to tap into the growing market for biopharmaceutical development services
Jul 1, 2007

The BIO annual meeting in early May had an upbeat tone. Investment capital is flowing into the industry at high levels, resulting in strong demand for contract development services. The funding stream is particularly strong in the US, and that is attracting more European contract manufacturers (CMOs) eager to improve business development here.

Outsourcing Insights: Booming Biopharma Pipeline Straining CRO Capacity

Venture capital support for biopharma is strong, helping to boost CRO utilization to its limits
May 1, 2007

Venture capital insiders say that the flow of funds into biopharma shouldcontinue, driven by the large amount of money available for investment.



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