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Articles by Brian O'Connell

StreetTalk: Will Venture Capital Firms Turn Their Backs on Stem-Cell Research?

Korea-gate has proven to be a huge scandal, not only in science, but in finance, where investors who thought Suk was on to something potentially significant in stem-cell research, were left with empty promises . . .
Feb 1, 2006

Like a snowball rolling down Mt. Everest, stem- cell research was gaining momentum, not only in political and medical arenas, but on Wall Street, too.

Street Talk: Patent Issues Could Dominate Pharma Industry in 2006

Proposed reforms on current patent practices could hand pharma substantial losses of revenue and diminished profit margins
Jan 1, 2006

How much of an impact does patent reform, real or imagined, have on biopharmaceutical stocks?

Psst! Hey Doc...Got a Hot Stock Tip?

The questionable practice of physicians disclosing proprietary information to financial analysts for monetary compensation grows more pervasive every year
Dec 1, 2005

Doctors can charge up to $500 per hour to discuss the pros and cons of clinical drug trials.

StreetTalk: Memory Drugs: "Viagra for the Brain"

Memory-enhancing drugs are in the pipelines of several biopharmaceutical companies, and Alzheimers and MS patients may be the first beneficiaries of the technology
Nov 1, 2005

According to a 2005 study by the American Academy of Neurology, donepezil may improve the memory of Alzheimers patients and those suffering with multiple sclerosis.

StreetTalk: Have Business, Will Travel: Outsourcing in the Global Commerce Age

Fully understanding the pros and cons of outsourcing specific job functions can help determine if it's the right strategy for your company
Oct 1, 2005

IT, payroll, manufacturing, and clinical-trial data management are key areas for growth in biopharm outsourcing efforts.

StreetTalk: No Cure for Cancer? Wall Street Waits - and Hesitates

Investors remain cautious despite the encouraging buzz created by new cancer therapies. They opt for lower risk hot spots in the life sciences market.
Sep 1, 2005

Part of the problem with cancer drugs as investment picks is that investors don't trust the underlying studies that seem to prop up vaccine maker stocks.

StreetTalk: Investing The Buffett Way

Many times, success is not the result of the hot trend or the big patent breakthrough. More often, it is the quality of the people who are running the companies and the quality of the ideas they bring to the table.
Aug 1, 2005

It's summer and the living is easy if you don't mind heat, insects, and thunderstorms. The biopharm indexes are listless, because August and September are notorious for inactivity in the various life sciences stock market indexes. Earnings announcements taper off and life sciences companies keep their gunpowder dry by holding off new announcements until after Labor Day. As of mid-July, the American Biotech Index (Symbol: BTK) has leveled off at the tail end of a year of unbridled growth. If history is any indication, the autumn months will see another rise from the 550 or so levels we're now seeing in the BTK.

StreetTalk: With Nanotechnology, It's the Little Things that Count

Sizeable investments in "tiny technology" could result in big profits and innovative life sciences products.
Jul 1, 2005

I was playing tennis recently with my friend Ron who, in addition to a wicked backhand, is well-versed in new technologies and gadgets.

StreetTalk: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money: My Patent Has Hit The Fan

Regulations coerce big pharma to walk a fine line between realizing big profits and gouging consumers.
Jun 1, 2005

Our society's penchant for prescription drugs has torn a gaping hole in our collective wallets. According to the US government, overall US health spending has risen to $1.9 trillion in 2005.



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