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Articles by Carol L. Fisher

Editorial—Take a Hike, Chicken Little

Jan 1, 2005

You don't need me to tell you how bad the news has been for the pharmaceutical industry in the last two months. First, it was antidepressants for children, then Vioxx. It took maybe 48 hours before the first tort request hit the airwaves, asking to hear from those who'd experienced heart attacks or strokes after taking the drug. Celebrex came next, followed by NIH announcing it put the kibosh on a study of naproxen.

Editorial—Educating The Masses About Biopharma

Nov 1, 2004

Idon't know about you, but I found Senator John Kerry's assertion that President Bush was to blame for the US flu vaccine shortage quite laughable, but only until it became clear Kerry intended to continue railing about it throughout his final campaign thrust. As political tactics would have it, of course there was no mention of the Comprehensive Child Immunization Act of 1993, back-door price controls, and the resultant US dependence on external vaccine suppliers.

Editorial—Where's the Money?

Oct 1, 2004

Let's be frank. Love doesn't make the world go round —money does, especially if you're developing a promising technology but you're facing ten or fifteen more years of bench time and clinical trials before you can unveil a marketable product.

Editorial—Public Pressure, the Press, Politics, and Profits

Sep 1, 2004

American patients are more educated about health issues than any prior generation, thanks to the Internet. I read somewhere that doctors, from family physicians to specialists, are amazed at how well prepared their patients are when they show up for an appointment — with documentation in tow after researching conditions, medications, and treatments. So much so that the doctors are stressed out from trying to answer all their questions, complete their exams, and get everyone out the door in the amount of time the insurance companies say is "reasonable."

Editorial—Welcome to Our PMP Series

Aug 1, 2004

What were you doing on the evening of July 20, 1969? If you are at least a baby boomer, you were probably watching Neil Armstrong take "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Sputnik aside, the birth of that monumental achievement probably began with the same question that sparked so many other great feats: "What if?" Where would civilization be if someone periodically hadn't had the imagination and the courage to ask that question, whether their field of expertise was aeronautical engineering, architecture, or biotechnology?

Editorial—Sustainability for a Long-Distance Race

Apr 1, 2004

It may take take more than a decade to bring a new drug to market, but it's still a race from the bench to the shelf. It's easy to think of the race in terms of a sprint, like a six-second dash from one end of the pool to the other, especially during crunch times when you're rushing to meet deadlines. However, developing a biologic drug is a much longer race, more like a 400-meter medley. If you've ever competed in one, you know it's a test of endurance that requires a long-distance mind-set, strategic thinking, and a complex combination of skills.

Editorial—BioPharm Reflects the Industry

Feb 1, 2004

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the new BioPharm International. We are pleased to unveil our new logo and redesign after collaborating for four months with award-winning designer Virginia Dickens of Vision Advertising. One of our redesign goals was for the magazine to reflect the same innovative, cutting-edge qualities that are characteristic of the evolving biopharm industry. Probably more important to you is how the new format will better accommodate the expression of your day-to-day challenges.

From the Editor—At The Brink of Maturity

Jan 1, 2004

There are pressures on biopharma to grow up — and to grow up fast. Although we still hear references to its "infancy," I think we're well past that stage and already confronting the awkward — and sometimes painful — experience of adolescence.

Inside the Outsourcing Relationship

Real Life Lessons from Contract Manufacturing Services Partners
Jul 1, 2003

Working with a contractor reduces time-to-market, risk, and debt, while providing expertise, equipment, and flexibility - but those benefits accrue only if you plan and communicate with your outsourcing partner.



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