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Articles by Marc Puich

How to Make Improvement Programs Work

A true visionary leadership is required to drive the progress of operational excellence programs in biopharmaceutical organizations
Nov 1, 2007

A true visionary leadership is required to drive the progress of operational excellence programs in biopharmaceutical organizations

Operations Excellence: Optimizing Efficiency

Operations excellence programs can expedite the introduction and growth of personalized medicine
Jul 1, 2007

In the April issue of BioPharm International, the article "BioPharmaceutical Operations Roadmap," provided a summary of the key industry gaps executives would like to close in the next 10 years. These goals came to my mind while I was attending Interphex this April in New York.

Manufacturing: BioPharmaceutical Operations Roadmap 2007

FutureBio 2016 is developing a roadmap to help the biopharm industry achieve operational excellence.
Apr 1, 2007

Scale-up issues leading to long development times and deviations in the commercial facility is a critical challenge.

Operations Excellence: The Critical Path

Identifying the appropriate structure, management, and targets can help organizations meet critical lead-time goals
Mar 1, 2007

All contributors to the process should have a clear understanding of their capacity and see their work activities as a priority, regardless of where they fall on the critical path.

Operations Excellence: The First Operational Roadmap for The Biopharmaceutical Industry

Biopharm executives strive to improve industry performance and achieve world-class status in operations
Dec 1, 2006

Recently, 22 vice presidents of biopharmaceutical operations met in Boston to develop the first operational roadmap for their industry. This special executive-level consortium was organized to discuss two key questions.

Operations Excellence: Managing Your Suppliers for Maximum Results

After achieving performance successes within your organization, where should you look next?
Sep 1, 2006

Better supplier management can begin in parallel to production-related improvements.

Operations Excellence: Perfecting IT Management SystemSelectionforBiopharmaceutical Organizations

Proper application of an IT system can be a critical component to driving efficiency and reducing waste
Jun 1, 2006

The overhead expense that comes along with each new enterprise application adds up quickly, and can be somewhat invisible to owners of the system.

Operations Excellence: BioPharmaceutical Operations Excellence -- 2006 and Beyond

Future plans and goals seek to further streamline processes for increased productivity
Mar 1, 2006

. . . Popular consortium meetings have focused on successful use of tools to drive improvement in cycle time reduction, deviation reduction, and improved production efficiency.

Managing Quality While Outsourcing

How to avoid the pitfalls of oursourcing
Sep 1, 2004

As with any partnership, working with a CMO can be complex. The level of trust and cooperation between both organizations needs to be extremely high.



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