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Articles by Agilent Technologies

Sensitive and Reproducible Glycan Analysis of Human Immunoglobulin G

Oct 28, 2014

The sensitive and reproducible analysis of N-linked glycans of human immunoglobulin G is demonstrated, using an Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-Inert Quaternary LC, with a novel HILIC column and fluorescence detection.

Determination of Protein Molecular Weight and Size

Jul 29, 2014

This application note shows the determination of protein molecular weight and size, together with linear quantification using the Agilent 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution.

Detailed Aggregation Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies

Apr 29, 2014

This Application Note shows detailed size exclusion analysis of monoclonal antibodies and their aggregates using the Agilent 1260 Infinity Multi-Detector Bio-SEC Solution.

Peptide Mapping of Glycoprotein Erythropoietin by HILIC LC/MS and RP-LC/MS

Mar 25, 2014

In this application note an Agilent ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) 300-HILIC 1.8 ?m column and an Agilent AdvanceBio Peptide Mapping column are used in combination with time of flight (TOF) mass-spectrometry (MS) for mapping EPO protein. The work demonstrates the utility of HILIC as an orthogonal and complementary approach to reversed-phase LC/MS for peptide analysis.

Agilent Bio-Monolith Protein A Monitors Monoclonal Antibody Titer from Cell Cultures

Mar 25, 2014

To monitor monoclonal antibody titer and yield from cell-culture supernatants before expensive prep and large amounts of Protein A are employed, an analytical scale procedure helps determine the titer of monoclonal antibody for the optimal time for harvest of the mAb product. Here, pre-packed Agilent Bio-Monolith Protein A columns quickly capture mAb titer from cell supernatant.

Fast and Efficient Peptide Mapping of a Monoclonal Antibody (mAb): UHPLC Performance Using Superficially Porous Particles

Mar 25, 2014

In this work, an AdvanceBio Peptide Mapping column is used to generate a rapid and highly efficient peptide map at a traditional LC system pressure. The column achieves substantial improvements in peptide mapping during very fast run times and low system pressures, while still maintaining high peak-performance efficiency.

Charge Variant Analysis using pH Gradients

Jan 28, 2014

This Application Note shows method development for charge variant profiling of monoclonal antibodies using pH gradient elution with Agilent Buffer Advisor Software and online pH and conductivity monitoring.

Affinity Removal High Abundant Proteins in Human Plasma

Dec 27, 2013

This Application Note describes the depletion of high abundant proteins from plasma using the Agilent Multiple Affinity Removal System coupled with the Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary LC.

N-Terminal Site-Specific PEGylation and Analytical-Scale Purification of PEG Lysozyme

Nov 26, 2013

In this study, hen egg white lysozyme was used as a model protein for PEGylation using N-terminal specific mPEG propionaldehyde (PEG aldehyde) in presence of cyanoborohydrate. A method for the analytical-scale purification of PEG lysozyme was developed using an Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-Inert LC System and an Agilent Poroshell 120 SB-C18 column. Analytical-scale Fraction Collector with peak-based fraction collection was employed to collect the purified PEG lysozyme. The fractions were then re-analyzed by RP HPLC and SEC to demonstrate the homogeneity of the purified PEG conjugate.



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