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Articles by Amir London

Operations Excellence: BioPharma Operations Excellence

Survey indicates that biopharma is fully engaged in operations excellence, with an expanding role for suppliers.
Sep 1, 2005

Formal process and operation improvement activities are being employed in almost every biopharmaceutical manufacturing company, according to a recent survey conducted by Tefen Ltd and Millipore Corporation. The industry-wide survey was conducted to assess current biopharmaceutical operations excellence (OpEx) trends and needs, as well as OpEx perceptions and expectations related to industry suppliers.

Operations Excellence: Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to Play Key Role in Advancing Operations Excellence

US and European chapter meetings address PAT adoption levels throughout the biotech industry.
May 1, 2005

Three meetings of the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium, facilitated by Tefen Operations Management Consulting, were held recently. The east coast meeting was hosted by Genzyme at its headquarters in Cambridge, MA; the west coast Chapter met at the Genentech campus in South San Francisco, CA; and the European forum held its meeting in Frankfurt, hosted by Aventis.

Applying Lean Management in BioPharm Manufacturing

The BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium recommends adding a "lean component" to your operations toolbox
Mar 1, 2005

The BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium, facilitated by Tefen Operations Management Consulting, continues to thrive, recently holding chapter meetings on two separate continents. The US East Coast Chapter met at Centocor's headquarters in Malvern, PA, while the European Chapter met at Sorono's facility in Vevey, Switzerland. Since its establishment in early 2002, over 45 leading biopharmaceutical companies have joined the forum, which operates on the basis of using the group's collective knowledge to drive each member company — and the industry as a whole — to world-class levels of operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Operations Excellence: BioPharma Consortium Meets in California and the Netherlands

Contract manufacturing, perfusion, automated inspection, and Six-Sigma dominate discussions.
Jul 1, 2004

Although there are many differences between the industries, especially related to regulatory requirements, there are enough similarities that the future of biopharmaceuticals with respect to contract manufacturing might look much like the semiconductor industry.

Operations Excellence: BioPharma Consortium Discusses Key Industry Trends

Biogenerics challenges, successful process transfer, and cycle-time reduction dominate discussions.
Mar 1, 2004

In early November 2003, Wyeth BioPharma, headquartered in Andover, MA, hosted the quarterly meeting of the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium. Approximately 50 people representing over 15 companies attended this first meeting of the consortium's newly established East Coast chapter.

Operations Excellence

Business Process Automation Gets Going
Dec 1, 2003

At its August meeting, the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium focused on automation and IT solutions.

Operations Excellence

Aug 1, 2003

BioPharm International and Tefen Ltd. have teamed up to provide you with information and tools from the BioPharma Operations Excellence Consortium.



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