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Articles by Siddharth J. Advant, PhD

The Company at the Crossroads. Part 2: Build or Buy?

"Build or buy" is only convenient shorthand for a wide range of possible courses of action.
Nov 1, 2008

When making critical decisions such as whether to build or buy critical capabilities, companies need a decision-making approach that weighs risks and rewards as a science with adequate inputs, repeatable processes, and measurable results. The method must also accommodate the human factor by encouraging wide participation and providing the kind of neutral decision criteria that satisfies participants about the objectivity of the process.

The Company at the Crossroads. Part 1: To Commercialize or Not?

At a certain point, every biotech company must decide what type of company it is trying to be.
Sep 1, 2008

Every biotech company reaches a point in its development where it must decide what path it will take after it passes the start-up phase. This article discusses what the company must consider to decide what business model it will follow.

How to Ensure Smooth Technology Transfer

Mar 1, 2008

A comprehensive process and analytical transfer package can speed up your product's time to market and save costs.

Technology Transfer: A Contract Manufacturer's Perspective

Meticulous planning and execution are necessary to ensure a seamless transition of processes between partners.
Sep 1, 2004

The objective of the feasibility stage is to determine whether the proposed biotechnological process can be executed.



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