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Articles by Eliza Yibing Zhou

Biotechnology and Life Sciences Education in China

Changes in the quality of Chinese universities has allowed the biotechnology sector to grow
Nov 1, 2007

Biotechnology is definitely a hot topic in China—the country's administrators recently identified it as a "cornerstone of China's national economy by 2020." But most realize that getting there will require a better trained, specialized workforce than currently exists. The Chinese government has been pumping money into life sciences education as part of its plan to achieve a global biotechnological presence over the next 15 years.

China Today: Next Steps Toward Globalization

China's services sector is expanding to meet the needs of its biopharmaceutical industry
Jul 1, 2007

Most Chinese biopharmaceuticals are relatively small and there are not enough of them to sustain a robust services sector.

China Today: Vaccine Development in China

Improvements in China's regulatory and technology scenario are creating an optimistic outlook for its vaccine industry
Apr 1, 2007

The Chinese vaccine market competition is now transferring from the former price-competition model to a technology- competition model.

China Today: Biopharmaceutical Industry Trends in China—A Five-year Prospective

Now that China has opened its window to the world, its biopharmaceutical industry will see more opportunities
Mar 1, 2007

The Chinese government's investments in the biopharmaceutical sector may help it become one of the leading industries in China by 2020.

China Today: Pharmaceutical Distribution in China

The country strives to modernize its distribution logistics as thousands of small companies compete for profits
Feb 1, 2007

China today represents a $15-billion market for pharmaceutical products. China's pharmaceutical industry has been expanding at about 20% over the past five years. It has been predicted that China will become the world's fifth largest single pharmaceutical market by 2010. With such a fast-growing market segment and a huge population, simply getting pharmaceuticals to the patients and healthcare providers is becoming a daunting task. Biopharmaceuticals distributers face the same challenge, with the added complications associated with cold-chain management, shelf-life, and product stability.

China Today: Defining the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Market

A relatively liberal regulatory environment and huge market potential are leading to rapid industry expansion
Jan 1, 2007

China is home to more than 400 biogeneric manufacturers, which develop generic biopharmaceuticals for the domestic population.



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