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Articles by Sergio Garcia

How Small Biotechs Should Protect Their Interests During Mergers and Acquisitions

Early-stage companies need to assess whether a potential deal might unduly encumber the value of their intellectual property
Jan 1, 2008

Strategic alliances and partnering deals were a big biotech news story during 2006—with deal values setting an all time record of over $23 billion for the year. The strategic partnering trend continues during 2007 and in this column we present some frequently asked questions and answers about the merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in the life sciences sector.

IP Briefs: IP Due Diligence: Key to Success in M&A Transactions

Properly conducted IP due diligence provides a potential acquirer with information that is critical in assessing the value, price, or other key elements of the transaction
Mar 1, 2007

Although IP due diligence is relevant to virtually any transaction between biotech companies, a detailed investigation into IP assets is particularly critical to M&A transactions.

Legal Forum: Putting the "Co" in Development and Promotion: The New Biotech-Pharma Collaborations

Companies considering partnering arrangements must do financial and operational due diligence to ensure the success of the collaborations
Aug 1, 2006

Wyeth today relies on biotech product revenue to drive approximately 25% of its revenues.



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