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Articles by H?l?ne Pora

Disposables: Keeping Pace with Today's Disposable Processing Applications

The third in a series on disposables
Apr 1, 2007

Frequently asked questions on implementing and using single-use technologies

Simplifying Validation of Disposable Technologies with Presterilization by Gamma Irradiation

Nov 2, 2006

Filtration systems exemplify disposable technologies that can be presterilized.

Disposables: A Solution for Efficient Biopharmaceutical Production

Disposables are growing in popularity because of the large numbers of biological drugs being developed, which require aseptic processes.
Jul 1, 2006

Disposables require less space than conventional equipment, and they can be assembled offsite into complete process trains.

The Case for Disposable Manufacturing Equipment toAccelerateVaccine

Disposable technologies are quick to set up, and they eliminate the need for cleaning and cleaning validation.
Jun 1, 2006

Disposables can be used for media preparation, clarification, filling in downstream processes . . .



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