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The State of Intellectual Property in Canada: Pending and Spending

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To touch on a few other current issues for the life sciences industry, Internet pharmacies raise a plethora of ongoing issues with consumers, innovative and generic pharmaceutical companies, pharmacists, and governments at all levels in Canada and the US. In March 2003, Canada's Competition Bureau cleared GlaxoSmithKline of allegations that it violated competition laws by refusing to supply its products to Internet pharmacies that sell them to US customers.

Another upcoming issue is Canada's implementation of the WTO's Doha Declaration11 amending both the Patent Act and the Food and Drugs Act to allow medicines to be manufactured for export to developing nations. In its desire to be the lead implementer, Canada introduced Bill C-56 on November 7, 2003 and pushed it through second reading. The Parliamentary session ended, however, effectively killing the bill. The new Prime Minister has indicated his intention to reintroduce the same bill once the new Parliament is in session.

The federal government mood also looks promising for IP protection.12-14 Industry Canada has fostered an innovation agenda since at least 2002. In a speech to the Montreal Board of Trade in the fall of 2003, Prime Minister Martin highlighted the need to build a 21st century economy driven by individual ingenuity and creativity. In addition to lauding the many successes of the life sciences industry, Martin also emphasized the need for innovation as well as the need for funding and protection.

As we move into 2004, all eyes will be on the Supreme Court when it renders the Monsanto judgment and on the federal government as it works through its innovation agenda.

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