Fusion Tags for Protein Expression and Purification - Fusion tags can improve the yield and solubility of many recombinant proteins. Of course, no single tag or cleavage method will answer every need


Fusion Tags for Protein Expression and Purification
Fusion tags can improve the yield and solubility of many recombinant proteins. Of course, no single tag or cleavage method will answer every need.

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Because every protein is unique, no single tag or cleavage method will answer every need. For proteins that express well, the simplest affinity tags may be sufficient (e.g., His6, myc). For harder to express proteins, fusion partners that enhance folding and solubility are preferable (e.g., MBP, SUMO). Tag removal then adds another layer of complexity. When considering which tag to use, key questions should be asked. For example, can your application tolerate retention of the tag, one or more amino acids remaining at the cleavage site, or must tag removal leave no trace? Such questions are usually answered experimentally, but with the availability of solubility-enhancing tags paired with highly specific proteases that cleanly remove the tag, these questions may be moot.

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