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Economy and Reproducibility: Varying Virus Spike Conditions on a Planova 20N Virus-Removal Filter

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Assuming normalized cost and similar V/m2 ratios, a bioprocess solution with two or three times higher concentration can result in a virus-filtration cost that is significantly lower on a robust filter. Simply put, the throughput on a g/m2 basis, with such a robust filter, could be much higher. This would serve to decrease filter per-unit cost, suite processing time, and filter integrity testing required. Additionally, if there is variation in the process at all (concentration, aggregation, etc.), robustness will also maintain reproducibility, which can serve to decrease costs associated with process exceptions and delays.


Planova 20N virus-removal filters demonstrate predictable and well-balanced performances that are unaffected by varying IgG concentration, virus purity, or spike percentage (i.e., constant protein filterability and consistent high LRV). This can serve to increase the economy and reproducibility of virus removal.


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