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Building Biotech Businesses

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He continued, "The biotechnology industry is fast-moving, international, and highly dynamic. The Enterprise Ireland strategy is likewise dynamic, in line with the needs of biotech business developing in a fast-moving business and scientific environment."

Enterprise Ireland's Building Biotech Businesses strategy is clearly fulfilling its mission of helping grow and develop Ireland's entrepreneurial-led biotechnology and life sciences industries. Building Biotech Businesses will continue to encourage creation of new commercially focused biotech companies in Ireland, to nurture early-stage biotech companies, and to target foreign biotech entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with potential to locate in Ireland. It will also continue to fast-track biotech company development, and to encourage private-sector seed and venture capital in Ireland. The EI biotech team is now in place and is integrating its resources to deliver on the goals of this strategy — goals which, together with other progressive EI initiatives, will all play key roles in biotech sector development in Ireland now, and in years to come.

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