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Introduction: An Overview of Intellectual Property

BioPharm International
Volume 1, Issue 8

To improve their attractiveness to prospective partners, biopharmaceutical companies need to build their patent portfolios and increase the value of their patents. Likewise, biopharmaceutical companies need to be aware of competitor products with a particular eye as to whether their competitors are attempting to design around existing patents. Lawyers and patent agents should be actively involved in this planning process, as they will play key roles in acquiring patent protection, protecting intellectual property of the company, and licensing intellectual property where needed in pursuit of the company's visions. Scientists should also be aware of the role of intellectual property, including the importance of maintaining confidentiality, the need to document the invention process, and the potential confidentiality risks of giving papers on their research.


The preceding discussion provides only a general overview of some of the key intellectual property issues facing biopharmaceuticals. The following articles in this primer will provide a more detailed understanding of current events in intellectual property.


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